Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Savvy Agent?

We provide real-time sales and lettings data for every UK estate agent enabling agents to find out who has the most market share against their competitors. The site offers vital information on properties which aren't moving in the market, allowing agents the opportunity to win new instructions and thus increasing their market share and subsequent profits. Back to top

2. How far does your data go back?

Our data was first collated In April 2011. Back to top

3. Where do you obtain your data?

We have a team of researchers who trawl individual agents' websites on a weekly basis to provide you with the most up-to-date information on market activity. Back to top

4. How accurate is the data?

Our data is collected from individual agent's websites on a weekly basis. The majority of agent's rely on the internet to market and update the status of their properties, which allows us to provide a good overview of the marketplace. If agent's are updating their information, we will be collecting this. Our data is however, only as accurate as what is being shown on the internet. Back to top

5. How do you know which properties have been exchanged or withdrawn?

For the exchanged listings we use all the properties that are no longer showing on the internet which previously had 'SSTC' status the week before. The withdrawn listings are those properties which have subsequently been taken off the internet which had 'For Sale' status the week before. Back to top

6. Do you provide lettings and sales data?

Yes we provide both lettings and sales data. Back to top

7. How often is the data updated?

We collect the data on a weekly basis. Back to top

8. Can I change or add new postcode areas?

Please contact us to arrange. Back to top

9. How do I make payments?

BACS and Direct Debit at present. However, if you would like to pay via other means please contact us. Back to top

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